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Ryan Stenglein

AIL Regional General Agent - Minneapolis

About Ryan Stenglein Ryan started his career in Crystal, Minnesota in December 2001. His mentor at the time was Rob Hay, currently AIL Chief Marketing Officer. While still an agent, Ryan was asked to move to Washington and became a Supervising Agent there in July 2002. Within 5 months, Ryan earned his promotion to Master General Agent, and nine months later his Regional General Manager promotion. Ryan has now relocated back to the Minneapolis office as a Regional General Agent with his brother, Patrick.

Ryan has served many markets with American Income Life, including Alaska, Idaho, Washington, and once again in Minnesota.

After receiving his degree in anthropology and English literature from Northern Arizona University, Ryan worked in construction to save money to travel South America. Over the course of 8 months, Ryan visited Bolivia , Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru. Upon returning to the United States, Ryan joined AIL.

Ryan's favorite thing about AIL is to see so many people, with so many different backgrounds make such a good income with the company.

Ryan lives in Minneapolis in the community in which he serves. He enjoys skiing, going to concerts, and reading fiction books.

Patrick Stenglein

AIL Regional General Agent - Minneapolis

About Patrick Stenglein

Patrick Stenglein is the Regional Vice President for the state of Minnesota, and is currently based in the Minneapolis office. Patrick started his career with AIL World in Minneapolis in November 2002, and just five weeks later was promoted to Supervising Agent. Only two months later he was promoted again to Master General Agent and was relocated to Iowa to oversee all operations in the eastern half of the state. Over the next 2 years, Patrick grew his business across the state of Iowa and earned his Regional General Agent promotion in 2004. Over the next three years, Patrick helped oversee the operations in Minnesota and Iowa and in 2007 took advantage of the opportunity to move to Las Vegas. In 2012, Patrick jumped at the chance to relocate back to where he started, in Minneapolis. He and his brother, Ryan plan to make the office stronger than ever!

His tremendous drive, unwavering work ethic and contagious passion have allowed Patrick to become a leader within our company. He thrives on the impact that AIL insurance has on the families he serves.

Patrick recalls: "I stopped by to see how one of my policy holders was doing and I found out that the gentleman and his wife were in a very serious car crash. The gentleman lost his wife and he was hospitalized for many months. The hospital bills were staggering and left him in a financial bind. The gentleman, who was in his 70s, was heartbroken because he was about to lose the house that he and his late wife had shared together. In researching the gentleman's policy, I found out that he was entitled to $200 a day hospital benefit for the entire time that he was hospitalized. He didn't even know that he had this benefit and he started to cry. This had a huge impact on me and made me realize the impact I had on other peoples’ lives."

Patrick works very hard but enjoys spending his time off with his friends, his family and his dog Brodie.

Brad Christiansen

AIL Regional General Agent - St. Paul

About Brad Christiansen